Fear Itself

Fear Itself
Episode One -- Closed Casket

The characters performed some minor investigative searches and found the following before going to the funeral:

>Robert’s car was near Hummel Park when the accident happened.
>Frida’s cop friend suspected suicide.
>The accident happened after 1am and no toxicology screen was found yet.
>A search into Robert’s history found no employment history, wealthy family, some semesters at an Ivy League college and that he returned home shortly before the first event, aka That Night.

The characters attend the funeral and hear the following rumors:

>Robert was burned too badly for an open casket funeral.
>He had been brooding around Forest Lawn cemetery…as if he knew something was about to happen.
>His mother’s career may have gotten in the way of her recognizing signs of…something and preventing his death.

A vagrant in a raggedy jacket and fedora is escorted out before the service begins.
The casket tips over, revealing chimney bricks and no body.
Robert’s uncle, Dr. Thomas Tyler takes Jennifer home to be calmed/cared for.
The characters have his personal card with address/cell number and an invitation to come by to visit her anytime. — She recognized Bruce.

Mr. Kremer is trying to keep everyone calm while Mrs. Kremer calls the police.
Bruce and Tom walk the block and find an old fedora/jacket lying in the gutter along the street parking.

Closed Casket -- Episode Completed.
The Wrap-up

The characters have determined the ultimate whereabouts of their old friend, Robert. This has given them a small bit of satisfaction (along with some XP). They have also managed to escape the Virika lair with their lives.

In the week after the discovery, the Omaha World Herald has reported two gruesome deaths inside the Kremer Funeral Home in Benson. It would appear that Mr. and Mrs. Kremer committed suicide by stabbing each other in the chests and then lying down in bed to die, hand-in-hand. Motive is unknown and no notes or other communication has been left behind by the elderly couple.

One Nebraska newspaper quoted the dective in charge of the investigation as saying, “Unfortunately, we think a dog or other wild animal got in and, well, chewed on the bodies a couple of days before they were reported missing and then found.” He went on to explain that this caused difficulty determining the exact cause of death, but that the coroner’s office is confident in their assessment of the situation.

When we next meet, the characters will be able to de-brief, decide what…if anything to tell Robert’s mother and character sheets will be updated. :)


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