Fear Itself

Closed Casket -- Episode Completed.

The Wrap-up

The characters have determined the ultimate whereabouts of their old friend, Robert. This has given them a small bit of satisfaction (along with some XP). They have also managed to escape the Virika lair with their lives.

In the week after the discovery, the Omaha World Herald has reported two gruesome deaths inside the Kremer Funeral Home in Benson. It would appear that Mr. and Mrs. Kremer committed suicide by stabbing each other in the chests and then lying down in bed to die, hand-in-hand. Motive is unknown and no notes or other communication has been left behind by the elderly couple.

One Nebraska newspaper quoted the dective in charge of the investigation as saying, “Unfortunately, we think a dog or other wild animal got in and, well, chewed on the bodies a couple of days before they were reported missing and then found.” He went on to explain that this caused difficulty determining the exact cause of death, but that the coroner’s office is confident in their assessment of the situation.

When we next meet, the characters will be able to de-brief, decide what…if anything to tell Robert’s mother and character sheets will be updated. :)



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